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EMMA BEIDER BSc (Hons) Para 

Emma is an experienced medical professional working for the NHS Ambulance Service on the front line. She has trained with a renowned training school to an advanced level and is passionate about aesthetic beautification. 

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Emma offers a range of anti-ageing and hyaluronic acid filler procedures applied with artistic skill on various anatomical areas of the body. You can chose what you would like, receive a customised treatment plan using the latest clinic software and receive before and after pictures.

Emma graduated as a Paramedic in 2015 and gained her degree at St. George’s University Hospital London. Emma continues to enjoy working for the national health ambulance service and continues to add to her medical knowledge. Emma is progressing towards level 7 in advanced clinical care and medical prescribing.

Emma’s unique selling point is her nature; she is easy to communicate with, very approachable due to her front line experience and is passionate about the well being of her fellow comrade, patient, delegate or client. She has studied the psychology of aesthetics and understands the benefits of feeling good about yourself not only to you, but to your family and the people around you.

Emma is also a healthcare professional for a large charity where she has passionately volunteered many years and hours of her time to enabling others to nurture their interest in medicine and the care industry. Recently Emma has passionately helped in the fight against COVID-19 by training members of the public to become to become vaccinators in the NHS vaccination centres all over the country and managing training hyper-centres.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are that of Kingswood Aesthetics and not that of the NHS

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