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BioNutri Décolletage Treatment

Cost: £150 per treatment

£450 for course of three treatments

The area at the top of a woman’s chest, often called the Décolletage, can be very often on show as much as the face, and as such it is as susceptible to daily UV and environmental damage but rarely gets as much protection as is given to the face, or even the neck. However, the skin here is thin, as on the hands and neck, shows sun damage and ageing more easily than we would like, and surface skin moisturisers will only do so much.

BioNutri treatments, by FILLMED Laboratoires, which are very effective on the neck, are equally effective on the chest area. The super powered deep treatment fills very fine lines, moisturises, boosts the tone and adds radiance to this delicate area, and is ideal for keeping your décolletage looking fresh and youthful as long as possible.

If you are already seeing deep vertical lines on your chest and obvious signs of considerable sun damage, you may find our Décolletage filler treatment more effective, and our Aesthetician can guide you on which is more appropriate for you during your consultation.

£150 for a top up within 6 months.

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