Monika Heiligmann Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask

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The night is made for dreaming, and your fantasies about fuller and plumper lips are about to become true.

Monika Heiligmann Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask is the ultimate non-invasive alternative to clinical lip treatments. Thanks to a synergy of active natural ingredients, our Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask, perfectly moisturizes and gives your lips a plumping effect when you wake up. Our active ingredients reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth while you sleep for younger and healthier-looking lips.

Our one-of-a-kind transformative mask is the must-have lip care product to add to your night-time skin ritual and the final touch to elevate a home spa experience.


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The ultra-rich formula of our Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask is based on a powerful synergy of active ingredients from natural origins. Our Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask is dermatologically tested and suitable for natural lips and as a post-filler night ritual.
SWT–7TM is inspired by the most advanced medical research in regenerative surgery. Relying on cell-to-cell communication SWT–7TM enables the skin to auto-regenerate and prevent aging. SWT–7TM refills and blurs wrinkles and fine lines, including smokers’ lines and vertical lines. Its regular application reduces lipstick migration for a more confident and peaceful facial expression.

TECHNOHYAL HYAPEARL™(the only active hyaluronic acid trapped in a matrix of 100% natural synergic triglycerides) soothes, protects, and deeply nourishes the skin.

LIPerfection™ (purified extract of organic mustard sprouts) improves the look, definition, and natural color of your lips after a single application. LIPerfection™plumps, hydrates, and models lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Neossance® Squalane (non-polar hydrocarbon naturally present in the skin lipid barrier) restores skin suppleness and elasticity for a silky, smooth, and luxurious touch. Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

VITASKIN®E (obtained from Raspberry seed oil) activates skin repair mechanisms and collagen synthesis for firmer, moisturized, and subtle skin.

How to use:

The formula of our Lip Perfecting Overnight mask has been developed with doctors and clinicians to take care of your lips at home and in clinics. Active ingredients deliver maximum smoothing and volumizing to your lips while you sleep. Experience its anti-aging, skin-perfecting, and volumizing effects from your first week of application.

Inspired by Parisian artist brushes, our Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask comes with a smart applicator designed for a simple and seamless application right before bedtime. Keep it on your nightstand or in your bathroom’s beauty closet to perfect your smile.

1. Enjoy maximum results by applying our Lip Perfecting Overnight Mask to lips and surrounding skin before bed as a mask.

2. Experience the youthful, skin-perfecting, and volumizing effects from your first week of application.