CellDerma Tinted Mineral SPF 30

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Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen with Added Skin Tint.

Tinted Mineral SPF 30 provides effective, broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays with its 100% mineral filters with nanotechnology.

This protection is enhanced by plant stem cell extracts, known for their powerful antioxidant and regenerative potential. This lightweight product applies with ease, evens irregular skin tone and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

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Ideal for all skin types, Tinted Mineral SPF 30 has been formulated for those with environmentally-stressed skin as well as those suffering from premature ageing and uneven skin tone.

  • Broad Spectrum sun protection
  • Titanium Dioxide 7.75%
  • Zinc Oxide 10%
  • Ideal as part of a pigmentation treatment protocol
  • 100% Mineral UV filters with nanotechnology
  • 4 powerful plant-derived stem cell extracts
  • Antioxidant benefits
  • Lightweight product evens irregular skin tone
  • Skin is left hydrated and calmer
  • 60ml
Suitable for all skin types


  • Pigmentation
  • Environmentally-induced skin damage
  • Spots and blemishes
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Premature ageing


  • Broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Perfect as part of a pigmentation treatment protocol
  • Lightweight consistency targets uneven skin tone for a balanced complexion
  • Hydrated skin
  • Calmed irritation

How it works

This moisturising sunscreen features 100 percent mineral UV filters (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide) for broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. An SPF 30 rating means around 97% of UVB radiation will be blocked and the choice of minerals ensures that the entire UV-A spectrum is also blocked. Daily use reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

Polygonum Aviculare Extract – antioxidant helping to protect against damage from environmental stressors including infra-red light.

Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract – brightens skin by effectively inhibits pigmentation by acting on two key steps in the melanin (pigment) production pathway.

Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract – fights oxidative damage from free radicals, binds to collagen thereby supporting its integrity and promotes cellular regeneration.

Perilla Frutescens Extract – shown in studies to have anti-skin cancer properties.

Glycerin, jojoba seed oil and plant-derived squalane help skin to retain moisture.

Gluconolactone – a very gentle PHA (Poly-hydroxy Acid) this support expulsion of dead skin cells from the surface, giving more radiance to the complexion. Also enhances hydration and penetration of other key active ingredients.

Aloe vera juice promotes a calming and soothing effect on the skin, further reducing the risk of skin irritation from sun exposure.

How to use:

Apply to all skin exposed to the sun. Apply liberally and evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at least every 2 hours. Use a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. For children under 6 months of age: ask a doctor.