Refreshing mineral skin care water, giving you the ultimate in comfort, hydration and freshness for your skin.

Also perfect for incorporating into your Korean 7 Skin Method skincare technique!


More Information

Treignac Natural Mineral Water, sourced in the heart of France, originates in the nature park of Millevaches in Corrèze (France). This water is maintained at a constant temperature, after having been naturally filtered by the granite rock ground. This geological phenomenon explains the unique composition of Treignac Natural Mineral Water.

The absence of carbonate and a very low minerality (20 mg of dry residues) make it very pure, while the high percentage of silica (33%) turns it into a veritable skin care product. The Treignac Natural Mineral Water contained in the MIST spray strengthens the skin’s hydration, while leaving a refreshing sensation at the same time.

Formerly known as Stylage Skin Pro Mist Spray

  • 100ml spray bottle

How to use:

Spray (and gently press with a soft cloth) a fine mist onto the skin at any time of the day after a facial treatment, sunburn, make-up removal, shaving, depilation, physical activity, in case of redness on the face, skin irritations, when travelling to refresh oneself, for daily skin hydration, in air-conditioned, ventilated or overheated rooms, or post treatment