The Benefits of filler in older lips

benefits of filler

The Benefits of filler in older lips

As we age, our face evolves. The plump, vibrant lips that once graced our younger selves gradually give way to the subtle indicators of age. Thin lips and those telltale barcode lines/smokers lines, become more pronounced. But there’s hope on the horizon. Lip filler treatments are not just the prerogative of the young. For mature patients, they offer a chance to reclaim the lips of their youth and erase signs of aging. Let’s delve into the transformative journey of lip fillers for mature patients.

Consulting Mature Patients for Lip Filler Treatments

Consulting mature patients requires a different approach. These aren’t individuals seeking a trendy lip boost; they are looking to reclaim a piece of their past, to feel confident and revitalized.

1. Establish Realistic Expectations: Older patients often come with a distinct set of goals. They want to look like better versions of themselves, not someone else It’s essential to be transparent about the achievable results and set clear expectations from the get-go.

2. Analyse the Anatomy: Mature lips differ from youthful lips. They might have lost volume, become asymmetrical, or show signs of drooping. A thorough assessment of their current state will dictate the treatment approach.

Psychology of the Mature Patient

Understanding the psychology of mature patients is crucial. Their motivations often stem from a deeper place of wanting to feel rejuvenated, relevant and to rectify the wear of time.

– Regaining Confidence: The quest for lip fillers is often tied to self-esteem. Restoring volume or smoothing out barcode lines can reignite confidence that might have waned over the years.

– Reflecting the Inner Self: Many mature individuals feel youthful inside, but their exterior no longer mirrors that vibrancy. Lip fillers can bridge this gap, making their outer appearance match their inner vitality.

Aging of the Lower Face in Mature Patients

Aging doesn’t stop at wrinkles; it’s a complex process affecting various facial components:

– Loss of Volume: Over time, the face loses its natural fat, leading to thinner lips.

– Bone Resorption: The gradual retraction of the jawbone can affect lip posture and shape.

– Barcode Lines: Also known as smokers’ lines, these vertical wrinkles above the lips become pronounced, particularly in individuals who smoke or have had extensive sun exposure.

– Decreased Skin Elasticity: The decrease in collagen and elastin results in less taut lips, leading to sagging.

Injection Techniques Used to Restore Older Lips

Restoring older lips demands precision, artistry and the right techniques:

1. Linear Threading: A steady injection along the lip border provides a natural definition. This technique can elevate drooping lip corners, offering a cheerful appearance.

2. Pillowing: To restore volume, small amounts of filler are injected into the lip’s body. This ensures even distribution and a natural plumpness without overdoing it.

3. Cross-hatching: For barcode lines, a crisscross pattern of injections in the upper lip area can smooth out those persistent wrinkles, offering a smoother appearance.

4. Pointillism: Tiny amounts of filler are injected at multiple points, particularly useful for older lips where precision is key.

To conclude, age should never be a barrier to feeling beautiful. Lip fillers, when done correctly for mature patients, can breathe new life into the lips and erase the marks of time. At Kingswood Aesthetics, we understand the uniqueness of every lip, especially as it ages. We’re here to help you step into the future with confidence, with lips that speak of vitality, grace, and timeless beauty.

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