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In molecular biology, a polynucleotide (natural DNA fraction) is a biopolymer composed of 13 or more nucleotide monomers, covalently bonded in a chain. DNA and RNA are examples of polynucleotides with distinct biological functions. 

Polynucleotide products stimulate fibroblast activity, triggering collagen synthesis and extracellular matrix remodelling. These bioactive molecules promote cellular proliferation, enhance tissue repair, and optimise wound healing responses.

Polynucleotides are administered through injection into the mid dermis, employing a targeted delivery approach that allows these bioactive compounds to effectively stimulate fibroblasts and augment collagen production, thereby enhancing tissue regeneration. 

By capitalising on the rejuvenating effects of polynucleotides, the promotion of healthier and more youthful-looking skin can be maximised.

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Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are products that are injected either superficially or into the deep dermis skin layers and elevate the overall appearance of your skin by improving texture, firmness, elasticity and hydration. By increasing the levels of hydration in the skin and stimulating the production of collagen, these skin heroes improve very fine lines and wrinkles, and produce firmer and younger looking skin.

Formulated with a primary ingredient of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance found in the body, they are much lighter in both texture and feel in comparison to facial fillers and are perfect for giving a radiant glow, without making so much of a commitment or change to facial contours.

Skin boosters will require a series of 3 treatments initially to see the desired results and will need to be topped up every 6 months to maintain the effect.

Side effects from skin boosters are usually very mild and subside within one to two days. Side effects can include redness, bruising, and swelling, but this is more to do with the application of the product, rather than the product itself.


Dermal filler is a term which refers to a wide variety of different things, many of which have been used or are used to fill out lines and reshape the face. It’s not permanent – it can last up to around 18 months.

As we age the fat in our cheeks shrivels up. However, we have two layers of fat, one set of seven pockets of superficial fat and four larger pouches of deep dermal fat. It is the deep dermal fat that disperses as we age and the superficial fat just under the skin stays causing concavities. This means that our faces can droop in areas and form cavities in areas we didn’t have creases in before. It’s for this reason that we recommend deep dermal cheek fillers as a first treatment to help you look younger instantly.

Dermal fillers are based on Hyaluronic acid which is a substance that naturally exists in your body and in almost all living organisms. It binds water and acts as a shock absorber, reducing friction and wear in movable joints, and is key for the transport of nutrients and in regulating water balance in the skin.

The dermal filler product is a soft injectable gel comprised of stabilised, non-animal hyaluronic acid. The gel is tissue-friendly and made to mirror the qualities of hyaluronic acid that exists naturally.

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Anti Wrinkle / Neuro Modulators

Anti wrinkle (Neuro Modulator) injections relax the muscles in your face to smooth out lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and frown lines. It’s not permanent – it usually lasts for around 3 or 4 months.

Neuro Modulators can only be prescribed in a face-to-face meeting by a qualified medical practitioner, such as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist prescriber or nurse prescriber. The person prescribing anti wrinkle treatments is responsible for making sure it’s given safely.

Your skin will be cleansed and the Neuro Modulator will be injected into muscles in your face using a very fine needle. You’ll need injections in different places, depending on the area being treated. You’ll be asked to move the muscles in your face to help find the best place for the injections. The treatment itself usually takes about 10 minutes.

Anti-wrinkle injections are safe to use long term, and you can stop using it at any time without your skin looking worse than it did before you started.

The Neuro Modulator is a purified substance that’s derived from bacteria and has been used for decades in the medical industry. The effects are always temporary, but can last for several months.

Healthcare providers inject small amounts of the anti wrinkle product into specific muscles to smooth wrinkles, prevent migraine headaches and to treat a wide range of other health issues including neck spasms, sweating, overactive bladder, lazy eye and a host of other conditions.

You should not use the anti wrinkle product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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